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Embroidery Design Work in Pondicherry - PY Fashion World

Embroidery is the art of decorative stitching on fabric with needle and thread. Especially Hand & Computerized embroidery work is one of the famous embroidery styles in India. PY Fashion World is one the best Hand Embroidery Training Center near me in Pondicherry.


PY Fashion World - The Best Women Boutique & fashion institute in Pondicherry, Lady embroidery experts only teach women students. That is we teach to weave these types of embroidery works. The different embroidery design works doing in PY Fashion World as blouse embroidery designs, hand embroidery designs, embroidery bridal blouse designs, flower embroidery designs, embroidery designs for kurti, machine embroidery blouse designs, computer embroidery designs, embroidery designs for suits, hand embroidery designs for blouse, saree embroidery designs, border unique hand embroidery designs, floral hand embroidery designs for neck, wedding blouse embroidery designs  


Nowadays all working women prefer to wear embroidery work design clothes. These type of embroidery decorations are very much useful for chudithars and blouses initially. Furthermore, you can decorate sarees, shirts, Choli and kids party wear too by hand embroidery.

History of Hand Embroidery 

Even though embroidery is used all throughout the world, its roots are in China and the Near East. Actually, the earliest needlework dates back to the Cro-Magnon period, about 30,000 B.C.


The ancient remains of clothing that was intricately hand-stitched and ornamented can be found in archaeological artefacts from this historical period.

These blouses can give you some indication of the type of embroidery that can have done on your blouse if you're seeking for 3D pattern blouse embroidery ideas. On net sarees or lehengas, where the full blouse design is on view, these blouse neck embroidery designs look stunning.

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Embroidery Categories  

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